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Cotelux Lighting

Cotelux fluorescent light: the best choice


You cannot imagine how many advantages Cotelux Cool light systems can offer you, until you’ve worked with them…

  • It’s not only the great light output obtained, but also the quality of the light. Even when the fixture heats up, the colour temperature remains the same, so the chromatic quality is not interfered.
  • Total compatibility with incandescent or discharge lamps when using the colour balanced series 930, in order to allow any possible combinations with other equipments based in incandescence.
  • Four different types of dimming versions are available for a perfect control of the light: manual regulation, internal regulation 0-10V, external regulation through cut phase dimmers, or digital regulation with protocol DMX-512. Also a wide range of accessories help to obtain different lighting purposes.
  • Complete flicker free regulation due to the use of electronic ballasts working at high frequency, which avoids damaged shootings.
  • The Fast Replaceable Ballast system patented by Cotelux allows quick changes of the dimming version in the same fixture with only changing the removable modules found in the back part of all the Studio systems. This benefit also helps easy maintenance of the ballast and control registries.

The use of Cotelux lighting systems directly means a great investment for the future. Note the following:

  • The fluorescent bulbs to be used by Cotelux provide a luminous spectrum with RA higher than 95 (full spectrum true original colours), with no need to use corrective filters. It is also noticeable the life of a fluorescent bulb: 10.000h. Quite the opposite, incandescent bulbs have a medium life of 100h, and their cost is much higher.
  • When setting a new studio with Cotelux, the expenses in wiring installations and in electrical power will decrease amazingly as they use 75% less energy than incandescent lights. Additionally, incandescence needs powerful air-conditioning systems as it wastes 90% of the energy generating heat. It is also true that actors, anchormen or interviewed prefer cool light in order to reduce perspiration and avoid make-up retouches.

No doubt, Cotelux lighting systems are a great investment for the future, amortized before their installation.

Location Panels

Cool & Light


All the advantages of cool light, and all the benefits of an extremely compact fixture. Cotelux Location series become and indispensable tool for photographers, ENG, camera caption, multimedia systems, for lighting small studios, or for low power installations.

Incredibly slim design and low weight, but extremely durable and firm as to be used in extreme working conditions.

A ball and socket joint is supplied with the fixtures for their fixation into stands. Two leaf barn doors in the 255R and 455R are also assembled in order to help the focusing of the light.


Cotelux Location 155

Cotelux Location 255R

Cotelux Location 455R

Cotelux Location Kits


Studio Panels

Simply Talented

As the most polyvalent fixtures of all the Cotelux lighting systems, the Studio line offers four different models than combined with all the wide range of accessories, will certainly be the best solution for any lighting purpose.

From big to small studios, from low ceiling to big heights, mixed with incandescence or alone. For circle lighting, row, spot or cyclorama. For main light, rear light or spot. For all this possible existing combinations, Cotelux has the ideal fixture and dimming version in order to obtain supreme lighting results in new installations or in equipped studios.

  • LD: Local dimming in the same panel through a potentiometer set in the control module of the projector.

  • ID: Internal dimming: remote regulation through tension control 0-10V proceeding from analogical control desks. LD version also incorporated.

  • ED: remote regulation through conventional cut phase dimmers.

  • DMX: remote regulation through digital protocol DMX-512. ID and LD dimming versions also incorporated.

Due to the careful design of the Studio range, several parts of its architecture have been improved and optimised with the purpose of increasing the performance. Ventilation small grids are strategically situated so to allow the lost of heat by convection, which at the same time helps the colour temperature of the tubes remain constant. The generous assortment of accessories (reflective barndoor and corner, gel frame, eggcrate, or honeycombs) are effortlessly assembled through the lateral door, allowing changes in just a few minutes. Less time will take the replacement of any ballast or control module, due to the FRBS featured in all the models of the Studio line. If required, pole operated yokes are supplied for pan and tilt movements.

Cotelux Studio 255

Cotelux Studio 455

Cotelux Studio 655

Cotelux Studio 855

Cotelux FRB System

Film Panels

z Film Lighting Systems
Re-light an idea

It’s not just the name that makes the difference, it’s considering for the first time the practic use of a fixture and designing every particular detail for it...

About the structure...
Built with 8mm material and U shape aluminium pieces protecting the corners, provides the panel with more consistency and durability, and makes it safer against breakage. The base of the parabolic is painted with white serigraphic paint, and strategically situated velcro straps allows a perfect folding of the Cotelux Film, making it easy to store and at the same time protecting the inside. The adapting plate is also reinforced in order to have a safer fixing to the panel.

About the eggcrate...
The 0.5 mm aluminium used in the manufacturing of the eggcrate accessory, allows an important increase in the amount of light, besides avoiding fractures while manipulating it. Remove it easily by pulling the velcro.

The ballast box...
Ending with a circular multipin compatible connector, the ballast box includes the best benefits for the electronics. One fuse per fluorescent tube avoids useless panels when a ballast gets damaged, because it can still continue working with the other bulbs.

Also note the three positions of the switch ON-STAND BY-OFF. Use the “Stand By” mode for saving time and money: time because in this position, the tubes are not completely disconnected from power, so they will project the perfect colour temperature with no need to wait for a long time. Moneyy because this special pre-heat of the tubes makes them have a longer life time.

Cotelux Film FS/160 - FS/1120

Cotelux Film FS/260 - FS/2120

Cotelux Film FS/460 - FS/4120

Cotelux Film FS 10120

Cyclorama Modules

z Film Lighting Systems    
A fantasy world    

The Cotelux cyclorama modules are designed for overhead projection lighting with double polyvinyl white screens. The four long tubes in red, green, blue and white are independently dimmable through DMX-512 or 0-10V control tension. By the regulation of each tube, any wished screen colour ca be easily obtained with whole homogeny and intensity.
The system includes the structures for the assembling of all the necessary panels to obtain the correct lighting of the cyclorama, as well as its corresponding electrical installation.

z Film Lighting Systems    
A fantasy world    

The Cotelux cyclorama modules are designed for overhead projection lighting with double polyvinyl white screens. The four long tubes in red, green, blue and white are independently dimmable through DMX-512 or 0-10V control tension. By the regulation of each tube, any wished screen colour ca be easily obtained with whole homogeny and intensity.
The system includes the structures for the assembling of all the necessary panels to obtain the correct lighting of the cyclorama, as well as its corresponding electrical installation.



Moulding light

Cotelux intelligent accessories are an essential tool to obtain the lighting purposes desired for every different scene and atmosphere. They are easily assembled by opening the lateral door of a Cotelux Studio and sliding the accessory into the rail of the projector. No doubt, accessories can transform the projector so as to offer different possibilities of use by moulding light.

  • Barn doors: made of mirror polished aluminium, they are used in order to intensify the dispersed light, and to focus and direct it to a determined distance, reducing the angle beam of the projector, and therefore improving the performance in long distances. The four leaves of Cotelux barn doors are adjustable in order to allow their movement when varying the focusing point. This variation can be done symmetrically when lighting perpendicularly to the projector’s surface, or asymmetrically when the lighting point is not perpendicular to the projector, like in cyclorama lighting.

  • Corners: the four mirror polished aluminium corners are used to symmetrically fix the barn doors in the angle where the maximum focusing of the light in achieved. It also takes advantage of the light that could be lost in the corners in order to improve the light output in the focused point.

  • Honeycombs: honeycombs reduce the angle lit until 20º, 30º, 40º or 60º projecting the light forward, emulating the effects of fresnel projectors, and eliminating the reflected light in the camera proceeding from back lights.

  • Eggcrates: with the same utility and operating of a honeycomb, but just in 60º squared cells, an eggcrates is an economical version of a grid, but offering lower precision when reducing the angle lit.

  • Gel frame: rigid base to introduce any colour filter.

  • Pole operator: this strong yoke is used in high ceiling studios where manual operating of pan and tilt becomes hard work. With the remote control, all Cotelux Studio lighting systems can rotate and tilt 360º around its centre without barn doors.

  Click to enlarge image
Cotelux Studio 255 + Barndoors

Cotelux Studio 455 +
Barndoors + Corners

Cotelux Studio 455 Pole Operated

Cotelux Studio 455 + Eggcrate 60º

Cotelux Studio 455 + Honeycomb +
Honeycomb frame

Frame Honeycomb

Cotelux Ballast Module

Cotelux Control Module



Cotelux Studio and Location lighting systems must be used with 55W fluorescent lamps, available from different lamp manufacturers.

T-5 T5 fluorescent tube for Cotelux Studio and Location lighting systems. Available in different temperature and chromatism:

55W/3200: Fluorescent tube BX 55W 3200ºK Tungsten light CRI>86%

55W/5600: Fluorescent tube BX 55W 5600ºK Daylight CRI>86%

55W/3200PLUS: Fluorescent tube BX Plus 55W 3200ºK Tungsten light CRI>90%

55W/5600PLUS: Fluorescent tube BX Plus 55W 5600ºK Daylight CRI>90%

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T-12 T12 fluorescent tube for Cotelux Film lighting systems. Avalaible in different temperature:

FT/CIN35T: Cinema fluorescent tube60cm 35W T12 3200ºK Tungsten light

FT/CIN35D: Cinema fluorescent tube60cm 35W 5500ºK Daylight

FT/CIN75T: Cinema fluorescent tube 120cm 75W 3200ºK Tungsten light

FT/CIN75D: Cinema fluorescent tube 120cm 75W 5500ºK Daylight

Our Projects

Adgi can carry out turn-key lighting systems for TV studios, Theatres and Auditoriums.

From the small News studio up to more complex installations, Adgi can take care of the entire supply process : project, sale, installation, start-up commissioning, training covering the suspension and lighting systems. This service can be provided both in Italy and foreign countries.

Thanks to its certified technicians, Adgi can also sign up for the after sale service of the fixtures and the installation.

Typical of Studio Lighting :

z Solution 5m x 4m h = 3m

z Solution 6,5m x 9,5m h = 5m

z Solution 13.6m x 11m h = 4.3m

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