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What is Multi-Touch?

Multi-touch is a method of input on a touchscreen that allows two or more fingers to be used on the screen at one time. Apple's iPhone is famous for introducing multi-touch to the cell phone world by using it to allow pinching and stretching gestures on the screen to control zooming. Multi-touch is something typically associated with capacitive touchscreen displays rather than with more common resistive touchscreen displays.

Multi-touch, in a computing context, is an interface technology that enables input through pressure and gestures on multiple points on the surface of a device. Although most commonly used with touch screens on handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets, multi-touch has been adapted for other surfaces as well, including touch pads and mice, whiteboards, tables and walls.

Gestures for multi-touch interfaces are often selected to be similar to real-life movements, so that the actions are intuitive and easily learned.

Examples of multi-touch include:

  • Typing on a software keyboard as on a hardware one, with keyboard shortcuts, capitalization and other elements that require multiple key presses simultaneously.
  • Bringing fingers together in a pinching movement on an image to zoom out or opening them from a pinched position to zoom in.
  • Holding fingers apart and moving them in a clockwise motion to rotate an image in that direction.
  • Reshaping an object in a touch screen display as you would a real-life object.
  • Flicking a finger on the corner of a display to turn a page in an e-Reader.

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NUITEQ's multitouch software product Snowflake Suite offers customizable content, fast performance, stability and quality. 30+ apps, an API and SDK are included in this industry leading, award-winning "off the shelf" product, allowing even software developers to create their own multitouch software applications.

NUITEQ has 4,5 years of experience in developing custom multi-touch software solutions covering a wide range of industries such as retail, museums, automotive, education, entertainment, brand experience, interactive advertisement and more.

Snowflake Suite multitouch framework is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 (Windows 8 ready), Mac Snowleopard and Lion and operates on every multi-touch hardware technology platforms, including platforms such as PQ Labs, Zaagtech, 3M Touch Systems, Wacom, Lumio, Visual Planet, dreaMTouch, Touch International, Zytronic and others.

The Snowflake multitouch platform includes presentation tools, games, media content browsing, creativity and productivity tools as well as whiteboard functionalities for collaborative work group environments.

Snowflake is available to software developers, System Integrators (SI's), OEM's, resellers, media firms and end customers.

Custom Multi-Touch Development

ADGI provides a wide range of services. ADGI has been specializing in developing custom multi-touch software applications, covering a wide range of industries including government, entertainment, exhibition, museum, brand experience, education and others.

ADGI's Software Services Portfolio Includes:

  • Software development (design, architecture, engineering, graphical design)
  • Research and Development
  • Support
  • Field testing
  • Project Management
  • Usability / Interaction Design
  • Interaction design
  • Emotional/experience/human centered design

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