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Wireless meeting room presentation system

ClickShare lets you share your content on the large meeting room screen in the most intuitive way possible. Cables are no longer needed: just start your presentation by simply pushing a button – whether of a USB-device you connect to your laptop PC or MAC, or by using the user-friendly app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. What’s more, ClickShare also automatically displays the most optimal resolution, without messing up the layout on your laptop.


Connect the ClickShare Button and start the application


Click to show your laptop screen on the large meeting room display


Share your content with other meeting participants

Collaboration made easy

ClickShare introduces meeting room democracy – where everyone has the opportunity to be on screen. Not only is it much easier to switch between presenters, ClickShare also allows up to four people to share their content simultaneously. This enhances collaboration, and leads to better and faster decision-making. With ClickShare, your meetings will never be the same again!

Button Connect the Button to the USB-port of your PC or MAC, push the button, and share!
1-4 screen isplaying Up to four meeting participants can share their content simultaneously
No installation ClickShare is a zero footprint application, leaving no soft-ware on the client PC or MAC
Mobile iPad, iPhone or Android users can share by using the ClickShare app
Wireless No cables, no fuzz. With ClickShare, that clumsy video cable can retire at last
Video and audio Play video at 30 fps, with perfectly lip-synched audio
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