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Xpresenter Platform

Xpresenter Platform is a combination of powerful applications that include the following components for template authoring, playlist building and preview or playout.

Xpresenter Player

Xpresenter Player software is a powerful broadcast rendering engine that delivers the highest quality output with the highest level of reliability. Unlike simple video playback devices, the Xpresenter Player dynamically composites signage elements, objects or zones in real time to generate the final video output. This means individual content elements can be changed at any time, without requiring entire video segments to be re-rendered whenever a change is required. The Player uses the same engine used by many of the world’s largest TV networks.

Xpresenter Agent

The Xpresenter Agent software is the link between Players and the Server, enabling network status and health monitoring.

Xpresenter Server

The Xpresenter Server software automatically distributes new content to remote locations and receives continuous status updates from all Players.

Xpresenter Remote Manager

The Xpresenter Remote Manager application works with the Server to enable administration of networks of Players.

Xpresenter Web Control Screens

Xpresenter Web Control Screen software let’s users easily and interactively update and manage content displayed on the HD monitors connect to an Xpresenter network, with point-and-click simplicity.

Xpresenter Template Maker

Xpresenter™ Template Maker allows you to work directly with Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® to develop high-end digital signage productions. Based on a concept of “Smart” Templates and Reusable Objects, Template Maker extends PowerPoint by adding high-end digital signage features, allowing you to author content that includes video, animations, graphics, audio, live data and more.

Xpresenter Data Parser

Xpresenter Data Parser is a powerful tool that lets you acquire and manage live data from different sources.

Create professional digital signage in minutes with Xpresenter Xe


Xpresenter Xe is a single channel platform designed to output the same broadcast-quality digital signage as X2O’s enterprise solution at an affordable price. Included with Xe are a number of professionally-designed templates, a content management screen, and news and weather data feeds giving users everything required to get up and running fast. Users can quickly customize the look-and-feel of the templates, upload content such as video, animations, graphics, audio, and text, and run a professional digital signage display in no time.

Xpresenter Xe is ideal for use in: retail, restaurants and nightclubs, company lobby and cafeteria, employee break rooms, doctor’s waiting rooms and more.

Key features:

Better-than-broadcast-quality output. Powered by the same graphics engine used by many of the world’s leading broadcast TV networks, Xe delivers unsurpassed output quality.

Easy setup and configuration. A few mouse clicks will get you up and running in record time, with a completely personalized display.

Intuitive content management tools. Day-to-day updates to on-screen content can be made quickly and simply using a local web page that provides intuitive user control. This allows users to quickly display breaking news, add new video clips to the playlist, display welcome message or alerts, and more.

Automated live data tickers. X2O believes constantly refreshed content keeps viewers watching. Xe includes a one-year subscription to live news and weather.

Go Interactive!
Introducing Xpresenter vClips Interactive HD Video Kiosk

Xpresenter vClips is an interactive video application that allows users to browse and play back video clips as well as view Microsoft PowerPoint® slides using a simple touch screen interface. Users can view content in either full-screen or windowed playback mode, and play, pause or restart videos using on-screen video shuttle controls.


Xpresenter vClips combines the highest quality video and graphics output with simple and flexible management tools. Simply load your video or PowerPoint content and you have your very own on-demand video playback station. If you want to add more messaging, popup messages tied to the video timeline can be inserted via a simple content management screen. Comprehensive logging of user interaction is also available.

The interface was create by X2O’s award-winning graphic artists, and can be easily customized with your branding look-and-feel. In fact, you can have different design themes implemented on different kiosks using style sheets.

Xpresenter vClips can be installed as a standalone application, or combined with X2O Media’s Xpresenter Server and web tools for distributed applications comprising multiple kiosks that are centrally managed.

Applications of vClips:

  • Corporate Training
  • Retail Product Showcases
  • Information Kiosks
  • Movie Theatres
  • Music Stores
  • Video Jukeboxes

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