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LCD Video Wall System

The ultimate video wall tiling Solution

For an immersive, flexible video wall solution that can be configured in many ways and appears nearly seamless, the Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System is the ultimate display solution for control room or digital signage applications.

Optimized for 24/7 operation, the Clarity Matrix delivers outstanding visual performance and requires minimal installation space. The Clarity Matrix utilizes cutting-edge ultra-narrow bezel LCD's that when tiled result in image-to-image gaps as small as 5.7mm. Featuring a unique mounting system and mission-official off-board electronics design, the Clarity Matrix is the simmest and most reliable LCD Video Wall System available.

LCD Video Wall Multi-touch System

New integrated touch solution is ideal for adding interactivity to busy retail locations, corporate environments, collaborative meeting rooms, and military or utility mapping rooms.

Video Wall Multi-touch can be designed according to the customer and manufacturing technical requirements. A wide range of sizes and customizations allow to find the best suitable solution for each project.


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