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Metus Library

Flexible, Easy-to-use Media Asset Management Software

Metus Library is a highly sophisticated yet affordable and easy to use archiving solution. Keeping all kinds of media such as pictures, movies, audios, documents safe and organized, Metus Library also gives the users ability to collaborate.

Metus Library can organize video files, audio files, images, documents and many more, keeping them in a secure place to be used in the future internally or externally. Complete feature set of the system supports many type of workflow to create, produce, catalog and archive of the assets.

Users from typical sectors like post production, broadcasting, advertisement , film/content distribution and education will get many advantages of using Metus Library. Any facility who needs to organize his madia and documents by cataloging in a wholly digital environment and sharing them internally or externally in a secure way will get used to it in a very short time.

Metus Library is an application that can be used to scan and find all kind of media files located on computers or storage devices in a network, analyze them, retrieve and edit the Metadata, create Subitems and archive them with security.

Metus Library can archive your media into various types of storage units, even if there are millions of them, and helps you find and access them at lightning speed

Metus Library can archive your media either in Online disks or in Offline tapes, managing hundreds of Terabytes securely.

Metus Library is designed to be the heart of the management workflow supporting many users. The organization and management of media files and documents are very well handled.

Explore your archive either through web browser or through desktop application.

Given an any kind of image, Metus Library can seach and compare thousands ofl videos and images in archive and find similar assets in seconds.

Metus Ingest

The ideal solution for every kind of video recording needs from compliance to broadcast

Metus Ingest is a Multi-channel, Multi-format recording system that can be used for Broadcasting, Media Monitoring, Medical Industry, Security applications, and for any other recording needs. With its robustness and flexible structure, Metus Ingest offers almost all kind of features that might be needed in a small or large facility. Metus Ingest can respond to different kind of recording requirements because of its capability of working with different video cards. It can be used in all kind of recording automation applications by means of remote control, multi-channel recording, and scheduler functions.

Multiple Encoders (recorders) can be defined in the application. Each different video card can be related to each encoders and desired recording format can be defined. Each encoder works independently like all of them are a different recorder device themselves. Although each encoder is connected to the same physical source, they can produce different target files by defining recording different profiles within the recorders.

Metus Ingest Features:

Simultaneous multi-channel and multi-format live recording and transcoding.
7/24 robust and continuous operation.
Popular professional video and audio format support.
Both HD and SD capture.
Image and Text overlay.
Batch capture with RS422/RS232 protocol.
Storage Management
Automatic file naming.
Frame accurate file splitting.
Metadata entering while capturing.
Network Streaming.
Video index creation.
Multi-Channel Audio support.
Multi-view mode.
Customizable keyboard shortcuts for each operation
Password protection for operations.
Remote control via TCP commands.
Ingest watcher tool. Mail and sound alerts in case of any failure.
Ingest cotrol center tool for controlling all ingest machines at once.
Working based on project.
Supprt of popular professional video and Audio cards.
BM Decklink output.
Embedded simple player.
Defining custom actions.
User friendly interface.
Report list.
Records list.

Metus Logger

7x24 Recording H264 up to 16 Channels per Machine

Metus Logger is a multi-channel H.264 recorder, developed for long term recording.
Metus Logger is capable of recording multi-channels with low-res proxies 24x7.
Save storage space with high compression and high quality
H.264 encoding has the advantage of high image quality, low bitrate and low storage requirement, especially suitable for digital video security and media monitoring

Convenient video overlay function

Metus Logger supports flexible title overlay function. It can overlap time on active video with transparent processing. Its location can be adjusted conveniently. It can also overlap any string message and any bmp logo image on active video with transparent processing.

Intelligent recording via motion detection

Metus Logger provides motion detection function; starts the record if any motion is detected and stops the record if no motion is detected.
It supports 2CIF, CIF, QCIF coding, variable bitrate and variable frame rate. This is more suitable for narrowband transmission, for instance, through PSTN, ISDN, DDN, etc.

Team of Advisors

aAlex Daniels

Alex Daniels

Alex Daniels' experience includes Harmon & Co, an M&A advisor and private equity investor in middle market companies. CIBC Oppenheimer where he worked on M&A transactions, strategic advisory assignments, equity and debt offerings and private placements. Prior to CIBC, Alex worked at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in its strategy consulting practice covering the Entertainment, Media, and Communications sectors. Alex started his finance career with Chase Manhattan Bank in New York.

Alex received his MBA from Harvard Business School.
aDennis B. Mendiola

Dennis B. Mendiola

Dennis Mendiola's prior experience includes a role as Managing Director of Next Century Partners a private equity fund backed by George Soros. Prior to Next Century Partners, he was an investment banker at Bankers Trust. He began his career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. Dennis is an electrical engineer by education, with training in programming and logic design and holds a BS in Electrical Engineering.

He later graduated with an MBA (with honors) from Harvard Business School.
aFrancois Bonemi

Francois Bonemi

François Bonemi has worked since 1995 in London as an Investment Banker at Citibank, Bear Stearns and WestLB Panmure, covering telecom and IT Services companies. His experience spans different products including corporate finance advisory, high yield debt, private placements, equity offerings, mezzanine finance, project finance and M&A. Among others, he advised Telefonica in their 3G European Strategy, France Telecom on the value of Mobistar in Belgium and Apax Partners in their leveraged acquisition of Gifi in France. IT Services clients include Anite, Unilog, Sopra, Reply, Aedian, TietoEnator, Sesa, Syzygy, Attenda, Hexaware, Xansa and Intech among others.

He graduated from Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers in 1989 and obtained an MBA in Finance from the Anderson School at UCLA in 1995.
aHedyeh Alwani

Hedyeh Alwani

Hedyeh's investment banking background includes nearly 15 years in debt capital markets and structured financial products. Hedyeh was most recently in debt capital markets at Standard Bank in London covering institutional and high yield investors in Europe and The Middle East. Prior to that, she was at ABN AMRO Bank involved with emerging markets debt financing. She started her career with West LB as an emerging markets fixed income broker.

Hedyeh Alwani received a BA (Honours) from European Business School.
aHiten Shah

Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah has over 15 years of Merchant Banking experience having previously worked for UBS and Hawkpoint Partners, a leading European corporate finance boutique. Hiten has advised on several M&A and capital market transactions and has considerable experience of Management Buy-outs. Prior to working in Merchant Banking, Hiten was a strategy consultant with LEK Consulting.

Hiten graduated with first class honours in economics from Bath University and holds an M.PHIL in Finance from Cambridge University. Hiten also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.
aDr. Joerg Otzen

Dr. Joerg Otzen

Joerg Otzen was previously a senior manager at UBL Corporate Financial Services AG, where he managed numerous financial transactions including fundraising, investment review, interim management of companies in external portfolios and private equity funds for different clients. Joerg began his professional career with SBC Warburg in 1995, as a vice president of equity research. In 2000, he became head of corporate development at the industrial group Ascom (Switzerland) and was in charge of all group divestments during Ascom's 4 year period of financial distress. He led the team which managed projects in international corporate finance, merger and acquisitions, corporate lending, and the establishment of new management in distressed subsidiaries.

Dr. Otzen holds an MSc and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen (Germany) and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
aMark Gleave

Mark Gleave

Mark Gleave's experience includes Managing Director of Subsea Resources PLC, Director API Petroleum PLC, Company Secretary to Apollo Advisors and previously CIO at ANZ Private Banking and Head of Fund Management Consulting at Deloitte & Touche. Mark has considerable capital raising experience and has developed a unique insight into the investment management industry, as a consequence of his work creating and implementing strategies for both retail and institutional investment businesses. His career in financial services started 1983 and he has held senior roles in both buy and sell sides of the industry.

He holds an MBA from Imperial College London.
aMorten Bligaard

Morten Bligaard

Morten Bligaard has worked within Merchant Banking and Private Equity for nearly fifteen years. Prior experience includes a role as Principal with Doughty Hanson & Co, one of the largest European private equity firms based in London with a fund of USD 3.5 billion, where he was involved in deal origination, transaction execution and portfolio management. Before this Morten worked in investment banking at Merrill Lynch, one of the largest global US investment banks where he was involved with M&A and capital markets transactions across Europe including the IPO of Deutsche Telekom.

Morten graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School.
aMustafa Jama

Mustafa Jama

Mustafa Jama has more than ten years of Investment Banking experience. His career includes a position as Managing Director within principal investing at Morgan Stanley, a large US investment bank and a similar role with Glenwood Capital Investments. Prior to that, Mustafa managed client capital at Deutsche Bank utilising option strategies in equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities. He also managed Deutsche Bank's proprietary capital.

Mustafa received an MBA from Harvard Business School.
aPascal Miaris

Pascal Miaris

Pascal Miaris started his investment banking career with Merrill Lynch in London, a large US investment bank, then moved on to work for CSFB. He later joined NBGI, a European bank, where he has been involved with capital raising and financial restructuring for a broad spectrum of European companies including KLM, L�Oreal, Renault, Petrofina and Ahold. Prior to this, he spent four years with Alcatel and was involved with the development of mobile telephone networks in Germany and France.

Pascal holds an MSc in Electronic Engineering from the Universities of Karlsruhe in Germany and E.S.I.E.E. in Paris as well as an MBA from INSEAD in France.
aSean Masters

Sean Masters

Sean Masters started his investment banking career with Merrill Lynch in London, a large US investment bank, then moved on to work for CSFB. He later joined NBGI, a European bank, where he has been involved with capital raising and financial restructuring for a broad spectrum of European companies including KLM, L'Oreal, Renault, Petrofina and Ahold. Prior to this, he spent four years with Alcatel and was involved with the development of mobile telephone networks in Germany and France.

Sean holds an MSc in Electronic Engineering from the Universities of Karlsruhe in Germany and E.S.I.E.E. in Paris as well as an MBA from INSEAD in France.

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