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Sales Department :

Our Sales department is located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Working Hours Daily: 9AM to 6PM ST
Thursday : 9AM to 2PM

Tel.: +966.1.276.7254

Marketing Deparment:

Our efficient Marketing Dept. constantly tracks consumers, monitors the environment, and keeps an eye on competition. At Stern, we strive towards excellence in researching cutting-edge issues in marketing, and in delivering the best in the classroom.

The best way to contact our Marketing team is to use the Email link below...

Tel.: +966.1.276.7254 Ext. 106

Technical Support:

Technical support for Adgi products is located on our Technical Support Page. This page includes answers to the most common questions and provides remedies for many common issues.

The most efficient way to contact support is to use the Online Support Form

Tel.: +966.1.276.7254 Ext. 111

Web Solutions:

Adgi's Web Solution Team offers creative internet technology solutions to business. The foundation of our competitive advantage is built on integrity, professional design, technical profiency, and a broad understanding of how internet technologies extend, enhance, or replace existing business processes.

The most efficient way to contact web solutions team is to use the Email as below

Tel.: +966.1.276.7254 Ext. 110

Fax for all: +966.1.409.4195


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This page is Under Construction


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